TWD cuap cuap

Ngomongin aku yukzzz *narsis* hehehe…

Well well… Akhir-akhir ini aku lagi suka fotografi. Setelah download aplikasi super-keren lewat ITunes, aku jadi sering ngerasa gatel kalo nggak ceprat-cepret.

And here they are!!! Hasil ceprat-cepretnya TWD

location: Vihara Watugong Semarang–a lovely place

who loves make up?? TWD raises her hand. hahaha 🙂

“as cool as an ice cream. as sweet as an lollipop. as cute as winnie the pooh…” haha, an old poem for my Mr.Winnie the pooh ^^V This doll was from Lisa, my devilish partner XO


Taddaaaa!!! And here she is, Lisa, my devilish sister 😛

Sumpah, alayyy banget >.<Ieeewww~

yeah, we are teenagers. Smile, Laugh, and Happy. No need to worry about tomorrow. Teenlife = Once in a life. So, just enjoy it 🙂 Hayo tebak, aku yg mana??? Hehehe

And this is it!!! Cella TWD is here!!! Peace always… XOXOXO

Pssstt!!! Just for you know, tanpa kamera lomo yg super duper mahal itu, dengan IPhone pun kita bisa berubah jadi professional photographer dadakan. hahaha


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