Best Perfomance I’ve Ever Watched



And here’s the meaning of this song

This street is too crowded
Too many people have secrets
There is condensation on the glass, who is concealed in the past?
The emotion on your face
Is restoring that period of rain
This alley is too warped, we can’t get back into the story

These days are no longer green
Mottled with a few words again
Leaving me behind with empty memories in the big house
The seats in the movie theatre
Are separated very far apart
Feelings without scenes together, you’re playing chess with yourself

Still it’s too late to carefully write down things about you
Describing how I love you
Yet you smile and leave me

This feeling
Is already not right
I try my best to save it
Some of the
Considerate feelings that should have been given
I didn’t give
You pout
The dream you made is very petty and low
We’re compromising
I neglected you
All you wanted was someone to be with you

This feeling
Is already not right
I only understand at the very end
The pages of the
Plot I can’t bare to turn over
You are very tired
You recite
You cried for me a few times
You’re so languished
And I’m heartbroken, you’re suffering
Your beauty
I’m not worthy of it

Jay Chou Jay Chou JAY CHOU!!!! YAY FOR MY DRAGON RIDER!!! b^^d

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