Talking To The Moon

I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere faraway…

Yes, you are TOO faraway from me. And I know we’ve been faraway since the past.

At night, when the stars light out my room, I sit by myself

Sitting by myself, nothing to do, just waiting for your “Ting Tong”

Talking to the moon, Tryin’ to get to you

In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too

Oh, am I fool who sits alone talking to the moon

Who else?! Siapa lagi yang bisa aku ajak bicara? Kamu?!

Am I kind of stupid-nutty girl? Kamu aja semau-mau kamu, apa aku harus tetep ngomong sama kamu?

I know you’re the right choice. I swear. But ONLY a choice. You don’t belong to me, and NEVER belong to me.

It’s not yours, It’s mine. It’s my fault. I dream about you too much higher, so when I’m falling now, I feel really hurt.

I just curious, have you ever though about me? Even a second in your day, like I always thinking about you in every single times? Have you?

In the beginning of it, I was in a mood to chase you, to fight for my birthday-bash later, to make you turn into my special gift, and the best gift among the others, to make you become my “R*nd* Berpita” Hahaha

But it’s over now. You won’t be my “R*nd* Berpita” in my birthday later. Haha, you’ve out of my mind, rite?

Ran, u should know, since the beginning of it, I never think to falling in love you, depends on my last scars, I don’t want to be hurted anymore. So it doesn’t mean that I got a broken heart with you.

But I don’t know what’s it exactly…

I feel like, I just loosing something that I dunno what’s ‘something’ exactly.

Is it you? Or the chance?

Still talking to the moon,

C ^^


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