Hiatus *sigh*

Sebenernya, berat banget nyampein ini *ambil tissue* It seems like I have to stop ‘breathing’ for a while *sigh*

Together with T.O.P and friends, I’m gonna hiatus. Bedanya, Bigbang bakalan comeback tahun depan, kalo saya, udah banting laptop tahun depan gara-gara frustasi nggak tahan buat nulis.

I was born with my fingers love pumping on the keyboard, and wild imagination that can’t be stopped. You know I love daydreaming… 🙂

Ok, back to my hiatus plan!

Actually, those damn mid-semester exams are the reason why I’m gonna do it. Checking on my brain capacity (and my cheat ability 😛 #skipthis), I really need extra preparation to set this exam’s strategy, then, successfully pass it.

Based on my hiatus plan, kayaknya aku nggak bisa nge-post ‘In The Name of Mary Jane’ beberapa minggu ini. Mau cari wangsit dulu biar jadi ‘sesuatu’. Alhamdulillah ya!

Wish me luck, Pals. Really really wish your prayer.

Comeback soon!

Cella TWD ^^V


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